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Local SEO Strategies in 2016: What to Do and Not to Do

The ubiquity and growth of the smartphone makes local SEO more significant than ever. Here are some dos and don’ts and best practices for local SEO to guide you on improving your local search visibility.

Local SEO ranking factors

There are a number of indications that impact local SEO rankings, but the factors that have the major impact can be divided into the followings:

• Place page factors

• On-page factors

• NAP listings and citations – Link signals

• Reviews

Local SEO Dos:

• Local pages should be optimized to target local keywords local seo nj

The title tag of the page must include the location, the brand name, and the keyword being targeted. Also, consider this with the page’s meta description.

This must be possible to achieve without making meta description or either page come across as unnatural, as the goal is to optimise for both search engines and users.

If you have only one address, you might include it as an additional reference within your footer.

• NAP listings, citations & on-page address references should be consistent

NAP (name, address, phone number) citations are a primary ranking factor in Google and local SEO looks at them in the same way they look at links in usual SEO. NAP citations from authoritative and relevant sites provide more value, just like with links.

Moreover, Google recognises partial citations, e.g. references of address + phone number or business name + address.

A good place to start with NAP citations is the key third-party websites, such as Yelp and Thomson Local. These websites are seen as trusted review sites by Google, who will also look at the reviews on these pages and include them within places pages.


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